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MPG Calculator – Work out your Miles Per Gallon

Easily work out your cars real miles per gallon (MPG) using our free calculator. Just enter the litres used and mileage and click the calculate button!

(Fill your tank up, then make a note of your miles covered and how many litres to refill the tank)

MPG Calculator - Miles Per Gallon Calculator

(from miles and litres)

Enter Mileage and Fuel Used Since Last Fill-up:


The gallons are Imperial Gallons - not U.S.

Why You Should Calculate Your Car’s MPG (Miles per Gallon)

Knowing your cars’ average fuel consumption per mile (or kilometre) can not only help you make significant savings on fuel costs- it can also serve as a reasonably accurate indicator of your car’s overall state of health or repair.

If your driving style/pattern has not changed, any sudden changes in your average fuel consumption (both up and down), can alert you to incipient problems that may develop into serious issues and hefty repair bills if the cause of the change is not investigated and corrected.

It is important not to change your driving style during the initial calculation period. The object of calculating your average fuel consumption is to obtain a baseline value that can be used as a guide to making adaptations or changes to your driving style or pattern.

If you obtain a false value as a baseline, you won’t necessarily be able to spot the areas in which you need to make corrections to reduce your overall fuel consumption, which defeats the purpose of the exercise.

Just remember that you will not always meet the average value. Driving conditions can change from day to day, even over the same route(s), but once you have an idea of your average fuel consumption, it becomes easy to reduce your overall fuel consumption.

Not happy with your MPG? Well, we have created a guide on how to improve your fuel efficiency so once you calculate your miles per gallon above, simply follow some of the tips in the article and re-calculate your vehicle’s MPG and you can see how much you have improved your fuel efficiency. We have also created other converters that are similarly accurate, free and easy to use. Take a look at our mpg to l/100km calculator, Imperial Gallon converter, US Gallon converter, Litre to Gallon Converter, Car CO2 Emission Checker and MPG to MPL Converter. We have also created a Journey Price Calculator which allows you to estimate the cost and consumption based on the destinations entered on a map.